The most rapidly growing European League. In less than two seasons the ACB league was able to catch up and overtake many competitors working on the MMA scene for years, in terms of organization.

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One of the most active promotions in the world. We plan to finish the season 2016 with the jubilee 50th tournament. And it's in less than three years of existence of the league. ACB intends to hold at least 25 tournaments every year.

Active expansion in the regions and neighboring countries. The geography of the tournaments covers more than 10 cities of Russia, as well as the UK, Poland, Georgia and Tajikistan. All events take place in arenas with capacities ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 people.

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A unique “Young Eagles” project. The ACB “Youth League” was created on the basis of the “Berkut” club, the main purpose of which is to support young athletes. The "Young Eagles" gives a chance to young fighters who do not even have the experience of performing – there are no analogues of the project in the world.

The roster of fighters of the league is one of the largest in the world. More than 130 athletes in eight weight categories are competing on an exclusive basis under the promotion banner without taking into account the "Youth” League.

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The League enters the world scene. According to the independent American website fightmatrix.com, the ACB company confidently occupies the 3rd place in the world among MMA organizations by combined indicators of its activity.


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